Landscape Remodel is Complete- Thank You!

The Landscape Team has been hard at work the last few months, and the congregation’s property is looking good! We can’t gather as a group, but you can “gather” by yourselves at the UU! Come visit to admire the new Front Welcoming Garden (come at dusk to see it lit up)! And the newly spruced up Memorial Garden! And the mostly clear trails in Bateman Woods! And the site of the Transition House across the street! It’s easiest on weekends to keep social distance since Kaleidoscope is not there at that time, but any time will work.

A note from Iris Sea:

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful cooperation given to me by eight coworkers that enabled the development and completion of the front landscape. By my side, most hours of the day, I could find talented John Davenport, carpenter and a designer on his own. Neil Pierson was mask protected, willing to fulfill hours of plant removal, dirt and gravel distribution.
Alan Holland offered his time and truck to move sod, spread contents and haul bark while calculating yards of needed gravel. On call came Tracy Boyle and Steve Ovens to move sod and helped contribute and plant the fence’s Nandini. While John and Neil were shoveling dirt to form berms, Loren Folsom created a berm to plant the new maple tree. Jane Maute helped John and Neil to neatly lay the path edging. After the plants were in, Andy Driscoll, with Neil’s help, distributed the hoses and secured the drip system lines.

I had the joy of designing the garden and being general manager of the exceptional crew’s accomplishment. We hope you enjoy the result as we attempted to make our yard a welcoming space. I would also like to acknowledge the fund established by Paul and Carol Manka. They helped fund this project and continued their previously generous improvement of our grounds.               ~ Iris Sea