Important Survey to Verify Contact Info – Delayed

During the COVID-19 Pandemic UUCS service and meeting adjustments, we wish to ensure that you are receiving the latest information from UUCS. For that we need your current contact information.

The survey we had hoped to send out the end of June has been delayed while we complete some updating on our end. Keep an eye out for the survey in July. We will update you as soon as we have a concrete date for the survey to go out. Thank you for your patience and participation!,

UUCS office staff will be sending an email survey. We hope to check in on our community this way, and spread the word about online services, answer questions and connect people in these strange times. We will be using this as a foundation to improve our connection to our members, visitors, and friends in the future – when we are able to be together under one roof once more.

Please keep your eyes out for the brief survey: we need your responses! If you do not currently receive This Week by email or do not receive the survey, please contact the office!