Invite Your Dog or Cat to View July 5 Service

Bring your dog (or cat even) over to the computer and listen to Lisa Spector, Julliard graduate in piano, tell her amazing Journey from Tragedy to Triumph at the July 5 Sunday Service. She states: ” For 50 years playing piano has been my number one passion, and it’s been my profession for the last 35 years. My world came crashing down on my during the summer of 2017, when a bizarre fall caused seven fractures to my right hand, requiring four surgeries over the course of two and a half years. With my right hand in a cast, I started playing piano with my left hand only. Gradually as my right hand recovered, I added in some and then more of my right hand at the piano.

Enjoy my story of a musician’s journey from tragedy to triumph, along with music for one hand only. My audiences have told me if you close your eyes, you’ll never know only five fingers are playing.

I’ll also be sharing my inspiration behind creating music specially designed to calm dogs, along with some music demos. If you have a dog at home, you’ll want to make sure Buster cuddles up to you on your sofa while you both listen.” Be sure you and your furry loved ones check this out! — The Worship Team.