Noted UU Author Rev. Kate Braestrup Spoke September 20

On Sunday, September 20, Unitarian Universalist Rev. Kate Braestrup spoke about the power of patience, tolerance and inclusion. Rev. Braestrup is an energetic and warm speaker as well as author of “Here If You Need Me: A True Story,” her story of tragedy in her life and how that led her to the journey of becoming a minister. She has written many other books including “Anchor and Flares: A Memoir of Motherhood, Hope and Service,” and “Beginner Grace: Bringing Prayer To Life”.
In her sermon titled  “Love And The Wayward Sheep”, she draws us in with an entertaining story about sheep and then focuses our attention on “respect and kindness towards others that are out of your group as you define it” on that journey to “steadfast faithful love” to all. She also asks how do “we measure up to our claims that we honor free and responsible search for truth and meaning, to tolerate differences, and to love beyond belief?” 

The recorded sermon is available via our website under the “Past Services” tab on the Home page.