Another Streaming Attempt September 13

We are constantly learning, here Behind The Chalice, and this week we learned that the Sanctuary just doesn’t get enough WiFi to make a smooth live stream experience. At the moment. But, never fear dear readers, this is going to be looked into as far as needs and options go to make this happen successfully. In the meantime, Sunday September 20 at least, we are going to get up bright and early Sunday morning and record the service so you can view the recording at 10:30 am. And then go to the Zoom Fellowship time.

We also learned that is it hard to have people separately read a dedication and then the person’s name, so sorry about the mix ups! The important thing is your sentiments were heard! And it was wonderful that you sent them in, thank you. Some of them did not make it to the first recording of the streaming service, but it will be re-recorded so all of your wonderful contributions to the water communion service will be heard.

We will also begin reading the submitted Joys and Concerns during the service. Submit your entry by Saturday and it will be read during the Sunday service.

Until next time, we remain yours in service from – Behind the Chalice