Streaming September 6

On September 6, we tried our first Live Stream! There was a little hiccup with the “stream” part, but that should be fixed now, and the recording of the service went quickly up, so folks did get to see it on Sunday. The few people that were in the Sanctuary needed to create this service felt the loving energy of all around and we hope that you can feel that as you watch the service. Rev. Rick gives a good and timely message for us as we enter the fall and new liturgical year. Next Sunday will be our annual Water Communion, and yes, your picture you sent in will be there as well as any dedication you wrote. Have a little vial of water handy so you can join in the water ritual at home.

Also, don’t forget to register for the Zoom Fellowship Gathering that starts at 12:00 after the service.

In other exciting news, Beth Anne Huffine and Sunny Jones are going to join Ben Cavalletto and Cherie Ulmer in doing the editing of the Closed Captioning! This is wonderful news as it is a lengthy process. I know Ben and Cherie are grateful to Beth Anne and Sunny for joining them! The edited Closed Captioning version may not get done until Monday or Tuesday, so any mistakes you see in the recording before then are not our teams fault!

Until next time, we remain yours in service, from – Behind the Chalice