Seeking Election Night Community?

Because you are a good Oregonian and live in one of the easiest states to vote in, you mailed your ballot the day after you got in the mail. And now you wait. You start second guessing yourself, you worry your person isn’t going to win, and you brace yourself for the night. Election Night. Yet, when the polls close at 8:00pm PST, we likely still will not know the final decision about almost everything.

Ahhhh! What to do?! Well, no one is stopping you from eating that double chocolate gelato you secretly bought and stuck in the back of the freezer.

However, may we offer additional salve to your thoughts and emotions? Why not join the UUCS Election Fellowship Zoom Time, from 8:00-9:00 pm November 3, in the comfort of your own home (see, you can have your ice cream and eat it too). Join us for fellowship and the sense of love and support that comes from being part of the UUCS community. Join us for not only a check in on how you are doing, but also for words of solace and inspiration from Rev. Rick, and bathe our hearts and minds in a gentle restorative meditation led by DLRE Lily Walker. Join us to remind yourself and to remind us of why we are human, why we are UUs, why we exist. Here is the link for the Election Fellowship Zoom Time:

And then, join us again, the next night, and the night after that if you wish. Join us every night for a few nights at 8:00pm for a 1/2 hour check-in and meditation, Tai Chi, or restorative discussion, as we learn to look at the world anew. Look in your email for reminders of these nightly events with the link included.

See you there,

Worship Team and Connections Team