Friday the 13th Trivia Night

Friday the 13th Trivia Night, 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Join the fun for this UUCS November Zoom event sponsored by the Connections Team. People will be broken into Zoom breakout rooms making teams between 6 and 10 people depending on the number of people that join. There will be 7 rounds. Teams will go to their breakout room to work on one round at a time.

Between rounds, teams will reconvene in the main room to score their answers. To ensure family members get a chance to enjoy the company of others, it is best if as many people in the household as possible have their own devices so they can be part of different teams.

Because the suspense will be too great to wait, here are the rounds: General Knowledge, Marvel Movies, Before and After TV Shows, Audio Round – Duets – Name the Song and Both Artists, Legendary Athletes, One Letter Answers and Friday the 13th. Use this link to fill out the registration form: