April Showers Bring — May Opening??

April Showers bring May Flowers, so what does May bring? Well, dare we say it? The slow reopening of UUCS building for Sunday Services!

No! Never say it! Ah, but I do say it! So what are we, Behind the Chalice, doing to prepare for this grand event? Well, once again we are scurrying around like little church mice arranging the Sanctuary so that you may sit safely distanced, getting more UUCS Teams involved like Facilities for air filters and lights, Membership helping guide the process of coming to a service including the return of hosts (volunteers needed) and of course the Production Team and Worship Team with LRE and Music ever planning and adapting both through equipment and structure of the service.

You may have heard in other articles that there will be two services for the moment, but never fear, Live Streaming will also still occur, so if you want you can come to the service and then listen to Rick again in the middle of the week to jog your memory of what was said. These are exciting times ahead and may we all continue to stay healthy, getting vaccinated if possible, and keep adapting to the new ways to have spiritual services and build community. Until next time, we remain yours in service, from – Behind the Chalice