Behind the Chalice – May 2021

You remember reading about the pioneers walking across the country to what became Oregon and settling into the Willamette Valley? You remember reading about all their adventures and how many different geographical challenges they came across, each one seemingly more daunting than the next?
Imagine what they thought when they came to the Rockies, and then crossed them, and sighed relief, thinking they were home free, and then to their surprise, so close to the end of their journey, came the Cascades. They had to pause, gather their strength, and trudge over one more mountain.

Well, that is what we are having to do with the re-opening of in-person services. We got to the East side of Mt. Jefferson (May 2nd), only to discover it is little more than a hill (COVID numbers), and so we must pause, re-group, wait for that dreaded spring snow storm to pass (COVID numbers going down) before we can safely pass over Mt. Jefferson and come into the valley of milk and honey (reopen). And anyone who has been in Oregon for any period of time knows the most dangerous time on the Cascades is actually in the spring, when it is starting to warm up but those snow storms can still come around the corner and surprise you.
So maybe it is good to pause, go get that stray cow that has wondered off (lighting and cameras) and be ready for everyone to safely get through the mountain pass when the storm has died down. Until then, you can still find us Live Streaming every Sunday at 10:30. See you — not in the funny papers— but on your screen of choice.
We remain yours in service – Behind the Chalice