Building Use Guidelines for UUCS Teams or Groups

August 11, 2021 Update: The Re-opening team has decided to close the building for at least two weeks. If you have questions, contact Christine Ertl at

The Re-opening Task Force is happy to announce that our building is now open for use by our UUCS teams and groups. We’ve closely monitored our re-opening for Sunday services and are happy with its success. Now that the state of Oregon is re-opened, we are prepared to also open our building. It realizes that the guidelines suggested below will not be adequate for all individuals. Some people may feel safer remaining home until a later time. For the rest of the congregation, we are assuming you are willing to accept the personal risk of being together inside. Note that if we return to Extreme Risk in Marion County, or a potential exposure or outbreak within UUCS occurs, all onsite meetings will be canceled until we move down in risk, or until we deem it safe to resume.

Below are the Building Use Guidelines for Teams and Groups. Guidelines for building use by community groups and rentals, beginning in September, are being prepared.

Christine Ertl, UUCS Board Chair representative of the Re-opening Task Force

Building Use Guidelines for UUCS Teams and Groups

Groups or Teams Must Have a Leader. Each group or team must assign a group leader. The leader is the person who will request the building meeting space. The leader will need to check with the Congregational Administrator, Emma Kreger for access to the building and lock-up information. The group leader will also receive building use instructions or guidelines. The group leader will agree to be responsible for ensuring each person who will enter the building is given all guidelines and agrees to any and all policies in advance. This includes making sure that all group or team participants fills out the Contact Tracing form for their scheduled time. At the end of the meeting, before arming the system if group leader is locking the building, the group leader should leave the completed Contact Tracing forms in a plain envelope and in the workroom Office inbox. The forms should be checked to confirm that the information is complete, and date and times are included. Beginning and end times are needed so any possible exposures can be tracked. Group leader must ensure that all group members stay compliant while on site and ensure lock up procedures are followed.
Allow Participants to Attend by Zoom if They Wish. As a community that values inclusion and collective care, we do not want to create in-person situations that inadvertently exclude those at higher risk or create situations that force those at higher risk to publicly identify themselves. All team leaders must bring a laptop, smartphone or tablet and offer a Zoom link and open Zoom for meetings to all members so they may choose to participate remotely. Do not ask why or pressure members to meet in person. Simply ask each person how they will attend so that the proper room can be reserved, and the link can be sent to those who need it.
Use the correct form to reserve a room. Different events require different forms to be completed on the website. Check this weblink to an explanation of the various forms. Reserve your room. Once you are ready to reserve a room for your event, complete the online Event Scheduling form Email once the Event Scheduling form is completed, to confirm your event can be scheduled. Your group must be scheduled with the office and approved for entry and use.
All Who Enter Must Complete COVID and Use Masks. All persons entering the building, whether participating in a group or team or coming individually, must provide full name, valid phone number, and answer the Covid Screening Questions in the Contact Tracing binder located in the foyer. This information is for the purpose of contact tracing only. All persons entering our building must wear a mask at all times unless they are under 5 years of age or have a valid, documented medical exemption.
Additional Guidelines Should Be Observed. Singing, dancing, or use of wind instruments are not allowed. The kitchen is not available for use and no food or drink is allowed during your event. Only personal water bottles may be used. Please ensure your container has a lid that is spill and leak proof. Groups must leave at the agreed upon time, to ensure the appropriate time between groups has lapsed so that air is circulated for COVID safety.