In the Heat of the Morn – June 27, 2021

Do you know what happens when you combine days of increasing heat, Question and Answer Sunday and the UUCS Virtual Choir?  A lot of hot air?  No, no, bad joke, bad joke.  You get a very cool ending of the 2020-2021 church year!  Although apparently the projector thought the whole thing was a little too hot to handle and quit three fourths of the way through, and Rev. Rick has lots of cool ideas upon which to draw new sermons starting in the fall. 

The lazy days of summer are definitely upon us, I mean if 117 degrees doesn’t slow you down, nothing will! However, those pure of heart souls behind the chalice continue to strive to bring you ever inspiring Sunday Services one time each Sunday at 10:30, and this summer has some real hot spots coming from our own congregational members as well as having our dear friend Rev. Mark Gallagher gracing the pulpit.  If you want to find out more, come attend!

 Oh, you may have noticed the yellow gigantic ladder type thing in the Sanctuary, no that is not the stairway to Heaven, it is just the Facility Team fixing lights and helping to put in……wait for it…. Install the….. lights for the cameras AND ………the Pivot Zoom Tilt cameras!  Yes, they have all arrived, isn’t it amazing! 

So come hear our too-hot-to-handle cool speakers this summer and starting July 11, you can chat about it in our Fellowship hall!  No, we still have to wait for coffee to come back but do stay and chat a while. 

 We remain yours in service – From Behind the Chalice