Sunday Service Registration and Building Use Guidelines Beginning July 11, 2021

UUCS welcomes congregants into the sanctuary for Sunday services. This post explains the registration process, provides links to register for the next service and lists the current Building Use Guidelines. The Guidelines must be followed by everyone who attends services.

We will have one Sunday service at 10:30 am.  When attending the service, you’ll need to follow the guidelines listed below. After service, there will be fellowship hour in Hanneman Hall, but no food or drink will be served until at least September.

Everyone who attends a service must RSVP so we can keep COVID contact tracing in place. As of now there are no limits to number of attendees. However, as COVID-19 infections are on the rise, the Reopening Team continues to closely monitor our guidelines to ensure safety in our building.

Click the button to reserve seat(s) in the service and sign up for Lifespan Religious Education.

Registration and Building Use Guidelines for Services as of July 11, 2021

SERVICE TIMES: We will have one service at 10:30 am. ASL is available during the service if you request it when you register. Closed captioning will continue to be available on the recorded service mid-week.

MAKE A RESERVATION FOR ATTENDING A SERVICE: Pre-registration for services will be required. Reservations will be available beginning each Monday the week before the service. Watch for the link on the website. You will need to reserve a spot every week for that week’s service. When registering, indicate if ASL interpretation is required for you. People can also call into the church Monday thru Friday (503-364-0932) to make a reservation.

CHILDREN: Religious Exploration will be offered for all children. Children will need to be registered with their family. Children will be allowed in the sanctuary, and then walk out to their classrooms when the children’s portion of the service is over. For more information about children and the Religious Exploration program, email Lily Walker at to be placed on the Children & Family Religious Education email list.

ENTERING THE BUILDING FOR SERVICES: Anyone who is not feeling well is asked not to attend an in-person service. Everyone coming into the building must wear a mask and keep the mask on at all times in the building. Everyone will be screened, and needs to be able to answer no to these 3 questions: do you have COVID-like symptoms; have you been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 72 hours, and have you traveled outside the state without being vaccinated in the last 10 days?

HOSTS: A Host will offer a mask if you do not have one, check the COVID Site Entrance Survey and check you off the registration list.

ENTERING THE SANCTUARY: Seating restrictions and spacing requirements will be optional as of July 11. If you want physical distancing between you and others, there will be signs you can pick up and put beside you.

ORDER OF SERVICE: At this time, there will be no physical Order of Service. The order will be projected during the service.

SHARE THE PLATE: We will not be passing offering baskets. A basket will be provided at the entrance to the sanctuary for people to leave their offerings either before or after the service.

MUSIC: Please sing very softly or hum to the musical offerings. Hymnals will  be available, and  music will be projected for all to use to hum along.

RESTROOMS: The restrooms in the main hallway and in the fellowship hall will be open. Spray disinfectant and disinfectant wipes will be available for use by anyone who may feel vulnerable.

SOCIALIZING. There will be Fellowship Hour in Hanneman Hall, but no food or drink will be served at least  until September .Food and drink while conversing provide extra opportunities for exposure to COVID. Because we have in-person fellowship, the 2:00 pm Zoom Fellowship has been discontinued indefinitely.