Participate in our Shared Ministry

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September is here and with it the start of a new year for many things such as schools and churches. This year could be the start of a new involvement for you in something that speaks to your soul, your skills, your connection to the religious community of UUCS that you have chosen as part of your spiritual journey. But what do I have to offer the congregation you ask?
You have yourself and within you the possibilities of gifts and talents both known and unknown to you. What better way to explore those gifts and talents than being involved in the shared ministry of this congregation? You can do this by finding out more about the different teams that are around and look at the possibility of getting involved.

To help you find out more about what is available at UUCS, the Team Council will present a 5 week focus on various teams and committees. Be on the lookout on the website and during services where the different possibilities will be discussed. Discussions will happen during the Sunday Services where team leaders will speak about the different possibilities to explore, share your abilities, and make new connections with one another.

Here is the schedule for Sunday service presentations:
September 12: Finance and Life Lines Teams
September 19: Facilities Team, Landscape and Art sub-committees
September 26: Worship, Production, and Music Teams, Lifespan Religious Education
October 3: Microfinance, Communications, Office, and Homiletics Teams
October 10: Social Justice, Membership & Connections Teams, Compassionate Mind Sangha affiliated ministry.

We hope that you see the possibilities before you and grab onto the opportunity to get involved. Your presence is what make this congregation a community. – The Team Council