Share Your Ancestor Tales on October 31

How often do you stop and honor your ancestors? Have you ever noticed that spiritual leaders often describe how a family member influenced their spiritual path? Eknath Easwaran, Ram Dass, UU ministers Rev. David O Rankin, and Rev. Kate Braestrup, mention grandmothers, mothers, fathers, husbands, whose imprint on their development was so strong that they remember and are still inspired by these people–these ancestors.

Many cultures have traditions of honoring ancestors, those who came before us and influenced whom we became. On October 31, you will have an opportunity to do so as well. During service we will honor our ancestors, familial or friends, who influenced us spiritually or in other ways during our lives, as well as those who have influenced our congregation. This service is called “Tales of Our Ancestors” and for this to happen, we need your help. We plan to read aloud, during the service, the stories you have written about your ancestors and how they influenced you. Themes that you could write might include love, humor, wisdom, nurturing, healing, compassion, and gratitude.

Send your stories, one-half to a page long, to by October 15. Also, by October 15, send to a picture of an ancestor, either the person you wrote about or another person whose memory you wish to honor, along with your name and the person in the picture. Also, add a one-to-two line dedication. We plan to show the picture during the service.

Thank you for taking a moment to honor your ancestors and be grateful for their influence in your life. We look forward to getting those stories and pictures!
~Worship Team