Good News from the Peruvian Altiplano

The UUCS Microfinance team, supported by UUCS member donations, provides small loans for household economic activities in struggling communities. In early 2020, the Microfinance team allocated $5074 for loans to milk-producing households in the small community of Qqepa located high on the Altiplano of southern Peru.

But the Covid-19 pandemic struck shortly thereafter, isolating rural communities and trapping workers of our partner organizations (The Chijnaya Foundation; Pro-DIA) in their respective urban centers (Palm Springs and Puno). However, thanks to the dedication of our partners, the project did not die.

This September we learned that the 7 households receiving UUCS-provided loans had nearly finished building sheds to protect their cows and calves from rainy summers and frigid winters. This will improve calf survival, increase milk production, and, in similar communities, has increased household income by up to 40%. Soon the initial 7 households will repay their shed-building loans to the rotating loan fund and an additional 7 households will receive loan funds to build their own animal sheds. In May of 2022 we will learn how much milk production has increased and how many newborn calves have survived the rainy season beginning in December.

Thank you so much, UUCS members and friends, for making this project possible! The UUCS Microfinance Project is the November Share-the-Plate recipient. Join us at the November 7th Service. And please donate!
Read the full 2021 Qqepa Animal Shed Report with photos from the Chijnaya Foundation on the Microfinance webpage.