Loriann Schmidt, December 2021

For the month of December, we learn about Loriann Schmidt. Loriann stepped up in August of 2020 and has steered UUCS through the deep waters of doing Live Stream for services including development of the Production Team which includes Video, Sound, and Lighting for not only Sunday Services but can act as a consultant for community people renting our building. She also guided us moving from handheld cameras to remote computer-controlled cameras and along with Jon Chinburg has helped to create the videos seen during various services. So here is a little more about Loriann Schmidt.

Position/s for Sunday Services: Video Engineer, Guest Musician, Chair of Production Team.

Until next time, we remain yours in service, From Behind The Chalice

What do you most like about your position/s: I like to be behind the scenes and challenge my inner and outer “geek”.

What is one thing you would change: Nothing.

What is your idea of perfect happiness: Getting people, kids, excited about science.

What is your greatest achievement: Having worked in so many different fields (I like variety).

What is your greatest extravagance: Paying someone to clean my house.

Who or what is the greatest love of your life: My family.

Who are your heroes in fiction: I don’t read that much fiction.

Who are your heroes in real life: Women scientists, teachers, and mentors.

What is a meaningful piece of music for you: I like it all.

Where do you like to go in nature to revive: The mountains in Colorado.

Anything else: If you have an inner geek, come join the Production Team!