Meet Brenna Norval, January 2022

As we start the new year, let us read about Brenna Norval.

Position for Sunday services– celebrant. 

What do you like most about your position? I’ve always liked standing in front of people and reading and sharing.

What is one thing you would change? I don’t think there’s anything I would change about being celebrant, l really enjoy it!

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Being at the beach, in any weather- listening, feeling and seeing the ocean and sky.

What is your greatest achievement? Being a wife and mother.

What do you regard as the lowest depths of despair? What we as a society have experienced during the pandemic- isolation from the people in our lives.

Who or what is the greatest love of your life? My husband, Doug.

Who are your heroes in fiction? Laura Ingalls Wilder- I loved reading about her adventures and the depth of spirit and character that was required to survive through those times- which she most definitely had.

Who are your heroes in real life? My friend Dana, an extremely medically fragile 14 year old that has a smile that lights up the room, the depth of spirit and character and perseverance to go on living, even though she struggles daily.

What is a meaningful piece of music for you? I don’t think there is one piece of music that I enjoy over all others, I like most music, but quiet classical music would be among my favorites.

Where do you like to go in nature to revive? The beach.