Thank You for Helping the Poorest of the Poor

Rebecca from Nicaragua finds success with the Neo Fund

I’m very pleased to report that as a result of your generous support for the UUCS Microfinance project, we will be able to send $4,807 to The NEO Fund for Microfinance projects in Nicaragua and India.

Your donations will help women like Rebecca who started cooking traditional Nicaraguan dishes and selling them out of her home four years ago. She has taken three micro-loans, totaling $370 to grow her business and now she is applying for a fourth loan. When asked if the loans helped her family, she smiled and said, “Of course! They helped me increase my income and allowed me to buy a refrigerator and to convert a wood fire to propane. Now all my children and I can eat better. We even get to have meat, like chicken and fish. And, I can pay for my children’s education.”

For more information about our partner, The NEO Fund, go to: Home – The Neo Fund

Ann Hanus
Chair, UUCS MIcrofinance Committee