Habitat and Hope Village News

Habitat & Hope Village (HHV) is working to fill a very important service to Salem’s Unsheltered Communities. Progress is being made to house our unhoused citizens with the development of Micro Shelter Communities. Donations have been received for the purchase of one hundred and twenty houses. A big Thank You to everyone who participated in the program.
Now that more people are being housed, HHV is proposing to build a portable/movable shower trailer to support the hygiene needs of the residents.
To become employed, everyone needs to be clean and well-groomed to make a good job interview. Good hygiene will also lead to better health and attitude about life. HHV will donate the new shower trailer to Church@thePark, a local nonprofit that works with the unhoused population, and they will manage the shower trailer.
Please check out our shower trailer proposal and help make this a reality. We need materials, volunteer labor, and the support of local businesses and additional non-profits. Together, we can make a difference in the quality of life in Salem for our unsheltered neighbors. You may reach us at Habitat & Hope Village, Inc. 5090 Center Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97317 or on our website.
~Paul Wilson