Looking for a Video Engineer – Will Train

Do you see what I see? If you do during the Sunday Service, that is because our incredible Video Engineer, Ezra Alexander, is showing you both the slides in-person, as well as controlling the live streaming so that those who are watching virtually can also be part of the experience every Sunday.

Unfortunately for us, very excitedly for him, he is going off to University of Utah to study both dance and math. (I would assume a little piano is thrown in there as well?). He will be with us through June 5, then goes off for travel and an intensive dance workshop in Boston before returning the end of July. He has gratefully agreed to come and do August 7, before he heads out of town for his new adventure as a college man. That leaves us in need of a video engineer.

If you have been wanting to feel more connected to UUCS and help out the congregation, this might be the way for you. It helps if you have a tendency to remain calm when things get hectic, are familiar with computers – and comfortable transitioning your focus and attention from slide deck for in-person, to slides for live stream, and adjusting remote cameras when needed. If you would like more specific information or are interested in the position, email the Production Team at productionteam@uusalem.org and we can set up a Sunday when you shadow Ezra to see if this is something you could learn how to do.

Please also recommend people if you know of anyone. Ezra started doing this because he wanted to earn his Eagle Scout Badge. Thank you for keeping your glasses clean so that you can see all that is going on. — The Worship Team