Thanks for the Help!

Thanks to Joan Stembridge’s organization and “get -to” attitude the area of Cordon Road that UUCS sponsors is all cleaned up of trash.
Merrit Albert, James and Joan Stembridge, Bob Muir, Barbara Stebbins- Boaz, Greg Gregg and Sara Pickett all met Saturday July 16th and spent close to 2 hours picking up trash along the east side of Cordon road. Joan had spent about 7 hours on Thursday and Friday working on the west side of the road. About 17 bags of trash were accumulated total. Joan provided water, green vests, yellow garbage bags and reachers to help pick up items. It was a pleasant day and traffic stayed out of the way.

One neighbor who was doing some weed whacking, came out and thanked the crew. Joan swears the natural flora is already breathing easier now that it is not drowning in plastic and rubber. She will give everyone a heads up when the next clean up date will be, likely in March of 2023. What a nice, easy way to give back to the community of Salem and support UUCS as well as be out with friends for a little while. Hope to see you next time.

~ Sara, Connections Team.