Worship Services is comprised of three teams focused on planning and facilitation of UUCS Worship Services. They include the Worship Team, Production Team, and the Music Program.

Worship Team

Worship Team Purpose: The Worship Team is composed of Celebrants and the Minister, and assists the Minister in planning, coordination, facilitation and evaluation of UUCS congregational worship services.

Our mission is to create a welcoming, compassionate, and inspiring spiritual community. Members of the team are selected and invited by the Minister. The team provides trained lay congregants in the role of Celebrant for worship services. Email contact is worshipteam@uusalem.org.

Subcommittee(s) of the Worship Team:  Chalice Circle Players

Worship Team purpose and essential functions statement.

Production Team

Production Team purpose: The production team works in collaboration with the Minister and the Worship Team to ensure technological needs are being met that allow for accessibility of the service to congregants both in-house and remotely.  It is composed of Video Engineers, Sound Engineers and technicians and Camera operators.

Our mission is to support the connection and spiritual well-being of the congregation through meeting technological needs. Email contact is productionteam@uusalem.org.

Music Program and Music Committee

This committee supports the Music Program by helping to develop principles, set priorities, assist in the selection of music for Sunday Services, and fundraising.

If you are interested in participating in the Music Program in any way, please contact the Music Director, at music@uusalem.org or leave a message at the UUCS office 503-364-0932.

Music Program Staff

Loriann Schmidt


Robert Whalen

Music Director