Sunday May 20, 2018, noon

from side view -Congregation members at tables in fellowship hall holding up voting slips 2017-5-21
The Annual UUCS 2018 Congregational Meeting was held on Sunday, May 20 at 12 noon following the single service at 10:30 am. Agenda items included:

  • Election of Board Directors and Officers
  • Election of a Nominating Committee member
  • Voting on the 2018-19 annual congregational budget
  • Voting on any resolutions proposed by the congregation with signatures from 10% of the voting body

Nominations- Board Candidates 2018

The Congregation approved the following list of candidates for Board positions for the 2018-2019 Congregational Year:

  • Chair: Lynn Cardiff (1 yr. term)
  • Vice Chair: Joanne Manson (1 yr. term)
  • Secretary: Robin LaMonte (1 yr. term)
  • Director Seat #2: TBD (2 yr. term)
  • Director Seat #4: Julie Warnke (2 yr. term)
  • Director Seat #5: Gloria Holland (appointed to complete term, 1 yr. remains)
  • Director Seat #6: Janet Stevens (2 yr. term)

Returning Board Members not requiring a vote this year:

Retiring from Board

  • JP Batmale (resigned)
  • Susan Farris-Gosser
  • LJ Frederickson, Past Chair
  • Joel Woodman

Nomination -Nominating Committee Candidate 2018

The congregation approved the following candidate for the Nominating Committee:

  • Nominating Committee: Steve Rosen (3 yr. term)

Returning Nominating Committee Members not requiring a vote this year:

  • Diana Bodtker(1 yr remaining)
  • Rob Schiff (2 yrs remaining)

Retiring from the Nominating Committee:

  • Mark Kendall

The 2018-19 Operating Budget was approved with an amendment.

“The motion is to adopt the budget as presented and direct the Committee on Human Resources, the Finance Committee and the UUCS Board to work together to address staff salary inequities with the funds available by September 1, 2018.”

Financial Report From the Treasurer, John Prohodsky

The Congregation approved this proposed resolution:

2017-2018 Team Reports

2018-19 Drive: We Can Have a Dream Too