Minutes of the 2022 Annual meeting: https://uucstest.uusalem.org/2022/05/26/2022-annual-meeting-minutes/

Resolutions That Required a Vote

The agenda items discussed and voted on were:

  • The slate of Board Officer and Directors and Nominating Committee candidates
  • The budget recommended by the Board

Board Officers and Directors Elected:

Other than the Treasurer, board officers were elected to one-year terms. Directors were elected to serve two-year terms unless elected to complete one year of a vacant Director seat. Returning members did not require a vote.

2022 Nominees:

Returning Board members:

Retiring from Board

  • Janet Stevens, Director Seat #6
  • Steve Ovens, Director Seat #3

Nominating Committee Member Elected:

Returning Nominating Committee members:

Retiring from the Nominating Committee: Joel Woodman

2022-23 Budget Adopted:

Review the 2022-23 Budget Summary.

Additional Information:

2022 Meeting Packet

2022 Team Reports