Janet Neuberg accident – Janet is recovering

UPDATE: 8/1 Janet Neuburg will return home today if all goes as planned. The family would appreciate help with dinner meals. Contact Joan Stembridge or Ruth Larson if you can help.

UPDATE: 7/21 Janet is now in the rehab unit at Salem Hospital! This is a positive step toward returning home in the future, but it means that she has work to do to gain strength and stamina. Go Janet! Message from Joan Stembridge: Don’t expect Janet to respond to texts. She will be focusing on her rehabilitation. Keep sending them!

UPDATE: 7/17 (Changing to JOY!) Christianna says Janet is making progress, but it is an unsteady road forward. Today, Janet is feeling good enough to peek at her cell phone a bit, and we are encouraged to text Janet with short “good wishes” for her recovery. Janet has limited energy and will probably not respond to our messages. She can receive our thoughts however, and that is good news indeed. You can also send cards to Janet’s home and her daughter will take them to her daily. To obtain Janet’s address, email lifelineslayministry@uusalem.org and Eric Schuman will give you the address.

UPDATE: 7/11
Janet is making slow progress. She started eating and they are working on getting her up more. She is experiencing a lot of pain and dizziness, so working on that is a priority too. She is tired and the times she seems completely awake are short. Christianna read her a couple of cards, and she helped Janet do a video call with family. Christianna hopes to do more short calls soon.

UPDATE: 7/10
Janet Neuburg is out of the ICU with a giant headache and progressing well. Best wishes to her.

UPDATE: 7/8, later in the day…
Janet is off the ventilator and making good progress according to her doctor and nurses. There is a possibility that she could leave the ICU soon. Her daughter is here from Eugene and able to visit with her.

7/8: Longtime member Janet Neuburg is currently in the Salem Health hospital. The information available is that she was struck by a car Tuesday late afternoon or evening. She is in the ICU and responding to treatment. Updates on Janet’s condition will be posted here on Joys and Concerns. Our thoughts go out to her daughter Christiana and other members of her family.