Tracy Boyle

Tracy Boyle

Greetings to my UUCS community. I am Tracy Boyle and I have been attending since just before we moved into the space we occupy right now. In 2001 to 2003 I co-chaired the New Members Team with Marge French. I have been an active member … read more.

Sara Picket

I have been a member of UUCS since 2016, originally coming for Social Justice reasons. I quickly found myself on a wonderful spiritual journey which led me to the Worship Team, including being the Chair for three years, as well as facilitating a Connections Group … read more.

Christine Keese-Ferguson

I have been a member of UUCS since the mid-1990s.  My involvement within the congregation from that time until present includes regular attendance for services, RE teacher for 3 years, coordinator and facilitator of a parent support group focused on behavioral techniques and approaches, greeter … read more.

Don Wolf

I’ve been a member of UUCS since 2003. Over the years I’ve served on various committees, coordinated a Sunday morning book group for six years, been a member of the Board, and Board Secretary, and taught various adult RE classes, including co-teaching the recent World Religions course. … read more.

Lisa Marcus

UUCS came into my life when I was fairly new to Salem in 2013 and looking for a spiritual home and community. I brought my love of singing to the choir in the fall of 2014 and although not currently able to sing with my … read more.


Sharon Pierson

I joined UUCS in 2015 and retired shortly thereafter. I’ve been working on the Communications team since then, helping with the conversion to our existing website. Eventually, I took over as webmaster. I’ve also helped with several events and projects at UUCS. … read more.

Ben Cavaletto

I have been a member at UUCS since 2015. I have two kids registered in the LRE Program and I have served as the LRE Team Chair since the fall of 2019. I do this work because my highest service priority is helping UUCS to … read more.

Christine Ertl

I was Board Chair for 2019-20 and 2020-21. I’ve been a UUCS member since 1994 and have had a variety of experiences that have informed my about how our congregation supports each other. I’ve volunteered in RE, have been on the Intern Minister and Safer … read more.

Robin LaMonte

I come from a religious background. My parents were missionaries in the Kodiak Island region of Alaska. I sang in church choirs, and in high school and college choirs. After college, however, I was engaged in family and work activities and did not have time … read more.