Does Unitarian Univeralism Support Our Freedom of Conscience?

Eric and Rev. Rick will explore the history of the principle of freedom of conscience and current struggles within our own movement over this freedom in regards to the censure of Todd Eklof’s book “The Gadfly Papers.”

Centering Thought: Freedom of conscience means not only the freedom to believe but also the freedom to change – not only the right to practice one faith but also the right to a spiritual journey. The Founders didn’t just champion religious freedom – they used it. Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison never stopped examining – passionately, combatively, wisely – life’s deepest questions. Each journey was distinctive, but they ended up in similar places, still deeply spiritual but with an ever-shortening list of required religious creeds. The older they got, the simpler their faith became. ― Steven Waldman


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Celebrant: Sara Pickett, Anchor: Geoff Hutchinson
Music: UUCS Choir