Poetry Sunday

On this annual Poetry Sunday, we will be featuring the published poetry of the late Virginia Corrie-Cozart, long time UUCS member. Readers include Eleanor Berry, Stephanie Lenox, Ada Molinoff, Lois Rosen, David Jeffers, and Dina Triest. Special music will be provided by Debra Schafer.

Centering Thought: The first poetry is written against the wind by sailors and farmers who sing with the wind in their teeth. The second poetry is written by scholars and students and wine drinkers who have learned to know a good thing. The third poetry is sometimes never written but when it is, it’s by those who have brought nature and art together into one thing. – Walter Anderson


Share the plate: Green Acres Farm Sanctuary
Celebrant: Gloria Holland, Anchor: Laura Christian
Music: Debra Schaffer