Soul Work

Race is one of the topics that many people, especially white people, struggle to discuss and learn about in our society. Yet learning and growing in our own racial identities and working toward racial justice is an essential religious task, a form of soul work: work that seeks to heal some of the deepest wounds in each of us and between us. This Sunday we will take part in the second round of White Supremacy Teach-Ins, a coordinated effort by UU congregations across the country to spend time learning what “white supremacy culture” means and how to address it.

Centering Thought: [White supremacy culture] has been going on for 509 years in this hemisphere. If we put it off until next year, it will take 510 years for this country to get healthy again, so we might as well start now. – George Tinker, writing in 2001
2017-10-15 OOS Image

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Celebrant: Lennie Martin, Anchor: David Gortner
First service music: Ryan Amend and Aimee Larsen-Amend
Second service music: UUCS Choir