You Pass This Way But Once

So often the moments of our lives can flow by without us realizing that each one offers us opportunities to bless the whole of life in many ways great and small. Too often, these opportunities are only recognized in retrospect when they are gone. We, too, shall all be gone one day. Yet our beloved congregation, bequeathed to us by those who came before us, will still be here. What opportunities do we have today to endow our future members?

Centering Thought: Everyone must leave something behind when they die, my grandfather said. A child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted. Something your hand touched some way so your soul has somewhere to go when you die, and when people look at that tree or that flower you planted, you’re there. – Ray Bradbury

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Celebrant: Barbara Stebbins-Boaz
Music: Kit Abrahamson and Laura Christian

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