Hope for the Poorest of the Poor

How UUCS-Funded Micro-Loans Help the Poor and Change the World

Since 2016, UUCS has worked with the NEO Fund to make hundreds of micro-loans to the poorest of the poor in Nicaragua. We will hear a first-hand report about the effectiveness of this outreach and the ways our investment is helping change the world every day.

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Celebrant: Ann Hanus, Anchor: Sara Pickett
Music: Jon Chinburg and Greg Dodds

Transforming Lives of the Poorest of the Poor

Ron Hockley, Executive Director of the NEO Fund, will talk about Nicaraguan families whose lives have changed as a result of our UUCS Microfinance Project.

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Celebrant: Ann Hanus, Anchor: David Jeffers
Music: Authentic Nicaraguan Music


Microfinance will tell us how UUCS donations of $3000-$5000 per year have helped address global poverty elsewhere in the world.

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Celebrant: Gloria Holland, Anchor: Benjahmin Boschee
First Service Music: Ryan Amend and Aimee Amend
Second Service Music: UUCS Choir